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How Do You Take Care of a Turtle at Home?

Are you looking to buy a turtle? Want to make turtle as your pet? Don’t know how to take care of them? Want to know about turtles? If these questions are related to you then read the full article for complete information. First of all, turtles are not cuddly as dogs and cats but you… Read More »

What Should I Put in My Corn Snake Tank?

If someone is going to pet a snake, then he must have this confusion regarding what to buy and what not to buy for him and his tank. Snakes are the reptiles wanting as much attention that you can give. A snake has requirements of his own similar to the other pets. A corn snake… Read More »

Gaboon Viper

The West African gaboon viper or (Bitis Gabonica) is the largest out of all the old world vipers. There have been individuals found up to 7 feet but an average of 6 feet is more common. They are also one of the most beautiful of all snakes. In the wild their strikingly marked bodies are near… Read More »