How Do You Take Care of a Turtle at Home?

By | February 25, 2020

Are you looking to buy a turtle? Want to make turtle as your pet? Don’t know how to take care of them? Want to know about turtles? If these questions are related to you then read the full article for complete information. First of all, turtles are not cuddly as dogs and cats but you can say that they are long term, family members. If you give them the right care and atmosphere they will live healthily for decades. If you are planning to buy a turtle you have to promise yourself to take them for a long period. To give them a healthy life you need to provide them care, proper housing, good hygiene, and nutrition and the best turtle tanks.

What does proper housing means?

How Do You Take Care of a Turtle at Home?

To begin with housing requirements priorly you need to know about the species of your turtle.because different species need different care and housing. asking the owner about the breed of your turtle and then go for housing. Basically, a pet wants a shelter that has a large space so that they can grow properly. While buying a tank for your turtle you should focus on the length of the turtle shell. So buy a shelter on the basis of your turkey breed.

Make Bottom of the tank with soil:

After buying a shelter it’s time to prepare it for your turtle. You should make a layer of soil at the bottom of the tank. This layer contains soil, sand and wood chips. This mixture will cover 2 to 3 inches of your tank. Make one side of the tank higher with the mixture of the soil and rocks to provide bedding for your turtle. It should be easy to climb for your turtle. If the turtle is aquatic then supply deeper water in the tank. It should be higher than the turtle length so that he can swim.

Provide them with the right temperature:

Provide them hearing by fixing a lamp on the side of the bedding. This will separate two sides, one will be cooler and the other one will be warmer so that it makes s a different temperature. This gives convenience to the turtle to choose the temperature. There are reptile lamps available in the market. Als,o put a thermometer in the tank so that you can adjust it. Keep in mind that the heating should be between  29-33°c in the bedding area.

Fix a water filter to provide them with clean water:

Buy a filter for cleaning the water if the tank. This tank should be larger so that it will be out of the water. While you are buying a filter ask an expert for the advice. Further, having a filter doesn’t mean you have no responsibility for cleaning. You still have to clean the water with a net. For any type of trans, for you can also buy a backup tank for your turtle for temporary use.

These points are just for the housing requirement for your turtle in the further article you will get to know about the proper feeding of your turtle.

What type of food should I supply to the turtle?

How Do You Take Care of a Turtle at Home?

You can purchase turtle food from the market. There are different varieties of food available for all the turtle species. At pet stores, you can buy canned or pellet turtle food. This will give proper nutrition to your turtle but with this, you should also provide them with veggies and other supplements for a healthy diet. Supplemental food contains foods like veggies, fishes, and insects such as live guppies, minnows, crickets, worms, and grasshoppers, etc.

When to supply food to the turtle?

Feedings periods depend upon the breed of your turtle so ask the owner of the turtle about its breed then supply food. Some of the breeds need food on a daily basis. And some of the turtles need food twice a week. The perfect time for supplying food is morning. Deciding the amount of food is tough but here is a tip for this. Supply them food which will be completed in 5 minutes. With the food, you should also provide them with calcium. There is calcium power available at pet stores.

Regular health check-up is also a must!

With food and shelter, a regular check-up is also a necessary thing for the turtle. You can take a check-up by yourself in 2 to 3 days. For this, you should check his eyes, mouth, and nose to know about discoloration Second, you should focus on its behaviors you feel it is lazy then take them to the doctor. And third thing is to check their shell and skin if it is soft and smooth then everything is okay but if there is any spot or blemish them it needs a doctor.

Clean your turtle tank in the gap of 3 weeks:

Don’t change water entirely, just change 25 percent of the amount of water from the tank. It will provide new bacteria which is beneficial. Wash the whole tank in every 3 weeks gap with bleach. Wash all the accessories also to maintain hygiene in the tank. At the time of tank cleaning shift your turtle in the backup tank. There are also tank water tester kits available in the market to check the ph level of the water to make sure to maintain in 6.0 to 8.0 ph level in the tank.  Before and after the washing of the tank with bleach sanitizes your hands for safety.

The final words:

How Do You Take Care of a Turtle at Home?

So before buying a turtle make sure to buy a perfect tank. There are online shops and pet stores that are offering best turtle tanks with other accessories such as tank filters, reptile lamps, and turtle food, etc. There are also some instruction books you can get with the tank. Give a healthy life to your pet turtle and he will be your family member for decades and make your life more exciting.